Build Playbook

30-day Plan

A 30-day plan gives you a timeline on how to get started with your UNICEF community, or can be used at any time when the community needs a “reboot”:

  • To increase membership
  • To get existing members more engaged
  • To address a change in the community, the organization, or its context

A structured and iterative calendar of activities invites interaction until your group finds the right cadence and frequency of dialogue.

Use this 30-Day Template to test the waters on Yammer and find what works for you. From there, you can plot out 90 days with ease. This calendar focuses on three types of people who will be part of your community:

  • Community Manager (the person or people formally in charge of the group)
  • Staff Members and Partners (those who will join your group as members)
  • Champions (informal leaders and influencers at UNICEF who function as a core team and will commit to helping you make the community a success).

Use this opportunity to collaborate with these stakeholders in creating your 30-day plan!

Download the 30-day template