Build Playbook

90-day plan

Successful online communities start by developing a 90-day plan, which Group Leaders adapt and modify as needed. A 90-day plan helps to map out your community activities to ensure they align with specific short- and long-term objectives.

Before you start your group and plan, you should:

  • Use the “Search” feature in Yammer to determine there isn’t already a group that meets your needs.
  • Connect with the Learning and Knowledge Management group for direction and input.
  • Determine who at UNICEF  will fill the key community roles: Members, Leaders, Sponsors and Champions. As a Leader, you should be able to dedicate up to five hours per week for planning and execution of priorities.
  • Have a rationale for the community, including expected benefits and outcomes. Know how the community will use the BUILD model to define its spaces and places for interaction, learning and knowledge exchange.
  • Determine key strategies for adoption and engagement. Have an idea of your initial goals and metrics.

The 90-Day plan template includes tasks and activities for each week day over a 3-month period. It includes suggestions for driving engagement with campaigns.

Download the 90-day template