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Community Maturity


UNICEF’s Community Maturity Framework and Community Scorecard enable community leaders to measure their groups’ evolution which helps generate evidence to show the value of participation. The Framework consists of four maturity stages and ten capability dimensions. Reviewing these stages and dimensions will help CMs improve the quality of the community experience and lan their next steps in improving the quality of the community experience to achieve the maximum benefits.

Our framework is based heavily on the industry-leading model developed by The Community Roundtable

The Community Maturity Framework and the scorecard are available only to UNICEF staff.

How We Use the Model

In UNICEF, we used this slightly modified model to create the Community Scorecard. A community manager, along with group leaders, access the scorecard (an Excel spreadsheet) which describes, for each capability dimension, what a community looks like at each of the four stages. The team assesses themselves against the possible characteristics for each stage and arrives at a maturity assessment level. On completion of filling out the scorecard, you will be presented with a set of actions to take to move your community to the next level.

Information on the Community Roundtable’s Maturity Model is available on their website.

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