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Activist communities are entrenched as one of the primary methods of communication for a group, used to drive decision-making and change, and to lobby for their cause. Membership is expected and participation required, as the community is critical to the everyday operations of the practice. Activist community members routinely “work out loud,” sharing the progress and challenges of their projects, while also driving engagement in other communities due to their highly active members who model strong collaborative behavior


This powerful community is already aligned with sectoral, functional and regional goals and is acknowledged not only by the community leaders, but by leadership of the practice area.

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Sponsor is actively engaged in content exchange and people-connecting in the community, recruiting new members, and measuring and monitoring the outputs and outcomes of the community.

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There are many leaders in the community and they are recognized inside and outside the community (in the wider practice) for their work and contributions.

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Community Management

Community management is recognized as an essential function for the community and/or its associated program to thrive.

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Culture and Activity

Regular interactions and collaboration among community members without community manager involvement. There is a high degree of trust in the community, allowing members to share both success stories and lessons learned.

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Content and Curation

The ever-growing wealth of information is monitored & contextualized for quality & relevance, and fresh content is maintained through active curation. Members use tags in their posts.

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Activities responds to the needs of a community, as identified through a consultative process, include e-discussions, webinars, workshops, learning activities, study visits, plans for mapping knowledge and identifying gaps, and joint creation of knowledge products.

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Members from inside and outside UNICEF (as relevant) are actively engaged in the community and participate in the community leadership, adding value.

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Communication Technology

The community actively shares feedback with ICT to ensure that it has tools that are useful, easy to use, fully supported, and accessible to all members.

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Metrics and Measurement

Measures have targets connected to community goals and strategy, and are reevaluated on a regular schedule.

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