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In reactive communities, members react and connect when it’s necessary around a particular topic. Reactive communities may not yet be committed to an online hub to share information, and interaction by members happens mostly in person, via email, or phone, in response to a member’s in-the-moment need for information. The flow of ideas and information is managed carefully, and many processes are in place to maintain order.

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The community has an idea of how capturing the exchange of ideas and information will benefit UNICEF and enhance the community members' individual effectiveness.

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Potential sponsor(s) identified and informed about the work of the community and its early outcomes.

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There is an informal group of people who provide leadership and guidance to the community management in shaping the content of the community and bringing in new members.

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Community Management

Leading the community is a valid part of one's role at UNICEF.

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Culture and Activity

A growing number of members participate, but there is still a lot of work on the part of the community manager because many members hesitate to post publicly.

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Content and Curation

The community is growing in awareness that it is building a knowledge base and is soliciting content from members.

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Some initial activities, such as webinars or e-discussions are scheduled to build the community's knowledge base

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There are defined criteria for membership and synergies are made with existing communities.

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Communication Technology

The community has selected and agreed to use one or two online collaborative tools consistently

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Metrics and Measurement

Quantitative measures are captured and compiled on a regular basis.

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