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Engaged communities have a defined purpose and value that all members can articulate. Members log in several times a week to openly post their updates, discuss topics with their colleagues, and participate in conversation. Leaders of the community are active and share their needs and expectations routinely, while also contributing to the organic conversations that emerge. Members feel valued and the community is a clear component in the work that is achieved by a team.


The community provides benefits to its members: there is proof of knowledge exchange that contributes to UNICEF's results for children. The community actively recruits and on boards new members

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Sponsor has agreed to participate and has established goals for the community and his/her responsibilities and accountability.

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Shared decision-making occurs between sponsor, leader, community manager and community members.

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Community Management

A formal community manager role is established within the community and, if possible, by UNICEF.

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Culture and Activity

Members actively post content and engage in conversations without necessarily being prompted by the community manager. Community members respond to each other with appreciation and friendly rapport.

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Content and Curation

Content is organized and tagged in a Library (in the BUILD model) for effective reuse. Some community members use hashtags to identify topics.

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Regular activities are in place based on the understanding of community leaders and managers of community priorities, as expressed by members. These may include engagement campaigns, substantive e-discussions, webinars and face-to-face workshops.

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Plan to increase membership by including external partners and organizations as relevant, and uses educational and face-to-face opportunities to bring in new members.

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Communication Technology

The community has made a conscious decision about what social platform(s) to use, for which purposes, and how it will support members in using the tools

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Metrics and Measurement

Measures have targets connected to community goals and strategy.

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