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SWOOP Analytics

When UNICEF staff use the online network to connect and build relationships, it leads to greater knowledge exchange, innovation and ultimately to higher quality outcomes for children and young people.

An important part of community management is supporting member participation. To meet this need, the BUILD team has embraced a very robust tool: SWOOP Analytics. SWOOP not only provides insight into group dynamics, but also enables members to learn about their own community interaction, and modify their activity to enhance learning. This is an exciting opportunity to harness the power of behavioural analytics to measure collaboration across all of UNICEF.

To learn more about how UNICEF measures collaboration with behavioral analytics, read Understanding SWOOP Analytics.

Getting Started

After logging into Yammer, visit the UNICEF SWOOP Analytics pages at The first thing you will see is your personal dashboard, with key statistics of posts replies, likes, mentions, and notifications, both from you and to you, across all your groups. By default, SWOOP displays the past three months, but you can change the time span by using the gear icon in the upper right. The rest of the dashboard is dedicated to your relationships with colleagues.

Explore each block and use the little “i” in a circle to read a short explanation Click the arrow icon to download a .png file of that block. Enjoy the discovery!

SWOOP Personas

Your “persona” reflects the balance of how much you post, reply, like, and @mention. Using @mentions and posting questions (not yes/no!) will contribute to robust and engaging discussions and knowledge exchange to support our work for children.

To learn more about what personas mean in the UNICEF context, read: SWOOP Personas at UNICEF- Who are You Guide

Your Network Diagram

This star-like map shows all of your 1- and 2-way interactions with peers. Use the checkboxes at the top to change filters.

Additional Insights About You

Give/Receive Balance: Two-way Relationships, Mention Index, Network Connectivity, Collaboration Profile, Diversity Index, and Curiosity Index give you feedback about your participation in all of Yammer.

Response Rate and Most Engaging Posts inform you about your content.

Measuring Groups

Use the navigation at the top of the screen to view data about any group. After choosing “groups” use the gear icon in the upper right to view data choices. Start typing in the search box under “Yammer Group” to choose a group. You can also change use this screen to change the time span. Click on OK to retrieve the new data. The blocks are self-explanatory, and the “i” icons provide additional information.

We want to hear your questions and comments about SWOOP; please join the discussion in the BUILD group.