Build Playbook

What is BUILD?

BUILD is UNICEF’s approach to creating collaborative communities, where staff can share knowledge, ideas, and good practices, across 190 countries and territories by using modern digital social platforms.

How can UNICEF teams bring dozens – or even hundreds – of specialists together under one roof? Simple – BUILD an online “home” where colleagues can collaborate.
BUILD is an acronym that represents the 4 key pillars to our communities:

  • B

    How the community shares stories and news.

  • UI
    You + I

    The people who make up the communities.

  • L

    The location where critical documents are stored online.

  • D

    The conversations, questions and ideas that
    are the heart and soul of the community.

The BUILD model for creating and managing online communities is a radically simple and a people-first approach to knowledge exchange and collaboration. We believe that BUILDing a community is ultimately about bringing people, purpose, information and conversation together in a secure, open, online space. With the right construction materials, anybody at UNICEF can create a home for important topics of discussion. The BUILD model creates a tangible framework that makes online collaboration relatable and easy for any staff member.

At UNICEF, online communities are best for sharing “living knowledge,” but can be managed and developed for a variety of different types of collaboration (external networks, best practices, internal information sharing and more).