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Yammer Insights

Yammer Insights is a simple set of analytics that provide some basic details about a group’s activity. Metrics can be displayed for the last 7 or 28 days, or the last 12 months. The link is in the right-hand column of every group.

Group leaders and managers can review this info to learn about group activity and health. A balance of posting and reacting is ideal. If overall activity is low, intervene with more engaging content.

Active People

Active People numbers show how many people posted, read, and liked messages—for group  members and non-members. Use this information to see if members are engaged, and how many non-members are participating. Hover over the numbers with your cursor to see percentages.

Posted, Read, and Liked Messages

This information displays how many messages were posted, read, and liked, also broken out by members and nonmembers. Because some people post many messages, these numbers may be much larger than the active people counts.

Download Full Report

This report is a .csv file with 18 data points for each day of the last 24 months. You can then aggregate and crunch this data as needed.